Author’s Story: Abandoning Your Dreams

As long as I remember I have loved biology and nature. But sometimes you love those things because they are your hobby. Not your career.


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My interest has shifted from ecology into digital health. As from science into commercial side. Biology and nature are still at the center of some of my hobbies.

I though long time that I’ll be a biologist when I grow up. That was a rational choice for a person who lived her childhood in countryside and spend a majority of her free time in nature and by observing different phenomena.

In the end of comprehensive school I told my student counselor that I’ll apply to study biology after college. She laughed and said that I wouldn’t ever get there with my grades! And I mean I had really good numbers at the time… And as a slightly decisive person I told myself that “ha, watch me. I’m going there no matter what”.

But times change.

While thinking now the only things I remember from biology books from my college years are not about traditional biology.

Sanger sequencing, an example how goats could produce drugs, eatable vaccines and green fluorescent mice. Ah, the amount of excitement!

Then the time to apply to university came I had no idea what I should do. It was SO hard to let go the dream to be a biologists. Even though, I kind of realized that that wouldn’t be what I wanted. I also started to be interested in molecular sciences, biotech and tissue engineering. And still the idea becoming a biologist haunted me. So, I ended up to study environmental sciences. It was a great year and I learned a lot of useful knowledge regarding to environment, how environment affects people and vice versa.

But I was still uncertain of my decision.

I finally managed to accept myself that childhood dreams and dear hobbies don’t have to become a career. However, I was in front of new question. When I did become interested in human biology?! That was the part I least liked in college. And yet, I wanted to study biomedicine with a focus to human biology…

Would I like the new topic more? Would it a one year delay in my studies do harm? Will no-one ever hire me because of that?

Yes, a lot of uncertainly is involved when you ponder whether to change your study topic.

I decided to take the leap. And I switched my topic to biomedicine. And I discovered that scientific research is not for me.

But I also discovered a whole new interest area which I wouldn’t  have found otherwise.

Then, we had a course about bioentrepreneurship.

Honestly, I wanted to cry. There it was: “This is what I REALLY want to do”.

I still had plenty of studies left. Furthemore, I went through all the education possibilities in Finland regarding to Bioentrepreneurship and my search results were 0. I kind of lost my motivation in that point. How on earth I could study something what I really would like to do if I can’t study it anywhere?

Let me introduce you luck, social relationships and concept of sharing thoughts. It’s called network.

 I had a taxi trip home after student party and I shared a taxi with an unknow girl. We got to know each other better afterwards in a tutor education. One year after we were living in a shared student apartment.

 After the end of our bachelor program she was planning her studies abroad. She was the one who encouraged me to search education abroad. “I saw a university called Karolinska something something, maybe they have such studies?”. And they did. A whole master course of bioentrepreneurship. And there it was again.

Untitled design (19).png
That taxi trip was worth the money so to say.

Now I’m in the very end of my studies at Karolinska. I haven’t regret my decision to move to Stockholm and study bioentrepreneurship even once. Following tips are my take home messages from my journey to study my dream studies.

My top 3 tips regarding to career changes:

Do it. If you feel that there is something you want to do there is only one way to test it…

Knowledge from multiple fields is often extremely useful. I have used my knowledge from environmental sciences while my bioentrepreneurship studies.

• Don’t be afraid to abandon dreams. There might be better ones coming.


While I planned my changes and the application processes I tired to look info from different sources just to discover more about the career opportunities. But it was very challenging. I hope this blog will help people to chase their dreams and help with though decisions!

Have you abandoned your career dreams? Was there a specific event which influenced? Was it worth it?



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