What Is BioSnapping All About?

We all have gone through a very different path.

Building a career in life sciences is no easy task no matter if you are in the academia, industry or other organizations. There are a plenty of career options available within life sciences.  But it’s often painful and time consuming to reach information about different opportunities.

And yet, there is a huge amount of different career stories, experiences and knowledge to be shared!

Biosnapping blog was founded to deliver those insights, experiences and stories to support your decision to step in to life sciences or take the next step within life sciences.


I heard it so many times. Experienced it too. The amount of questions.

What shall I do next? Where I can get a job? Is there really other people interested in the very same topic as I am? What does it require? How I can get there?

The list is endless. There are always questions when big decisions are to be done.

I believe that by sharing different career stories you can get a piece of support in your decision making and be inspired by the stories.

Career stories can help you to build your own story.

6 facts about the posts:

• All the stories are gained via interviews.

• Interviewees are life science professionals in different positions and stages of their career.

•All the interviewees will be presented in a CV infographic, so that you can decide in a quick manner if the story will be something for you.

•There will be story  through the posts  about the guests’ career.

•Different topics are highlighted in the posts regarding to each of the interviewees career for example, exchanges, challenges in work, how they chose their career.

•There will be knowledge sharing: tips, to-do lists, must try-sections…


The theme is inspired by nature for two reasons.

  1. I love nature photography.
  2. It’s a metaphor. Depending on which step you take in nature, your path will be completely different than others’ leading to different experiences. Same rule applies for careers. And everything in life.

I hope you’ll enjoy the life science career stories!






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